I recently took an extraordinary voyage aboard the T/S Maxim Gorki.  It began in Singapore and ended in Sydney -- more than 10,000 kilometers.  We traveled to five countries on two continents.  We crossed the equator, four time zones, and we sailed through nine seas!


Here you can see some of my favorite photos (with captions) from the cruise.  They are in the same order as the cruise route.   My best photos are shown in large format, one per page.  Be sure to visit the Water Gallery!   It features photos with special effects.


You can also see some facts about the countries visited, some interesting comparisons, as well as images of their flags and banknotes.  The index page lists all of the photo and image pages.


I hope you enjoy seeing my photos.  Please send me an e-mail and tell me what you think of them. Thank you for visiting my web site!


--Anthony James          

Anthony and friends in Australia



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