There are no deep-water facilities in Cooktown, so we had to go there by tenderboat from the T/S Maxim Gorki.



The tenderboat was quite crowded.

Here we are, docking in Cooktown.  Cooktown was the first "white" settlement in Australia!



Cooktown was named after the famous explorer, Captain James Cook.  In June 1770, Captain James Cook landed at Cooktown and came ashore when his ship "The Endeavour" struck a coral reef.

Only about 1600 people live in Cooktown.  Main Street consists of a bank, post office, hotel, a few small shops and several pubs.



Not much action in Cooktown.  We walked around the whole town in less than half an hour.

This is a local citizen -- an "Aussie."



Life is slow in  Cooktown!





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