Local Name Singapore
Formal Name Republic of Singapore
Capital City Singapore
Population 4,151,264
Area (sq. km) 620
Currency Singapore Dollar
Languages Chinese, Malay, Tamil, English
Religions Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Taoist, Hindu
Ethinicity/race Chinese 76.4%, Malay 14.9%, Indian 6.4%, other 2.3%
Literacy rate 90% (1990)
GDP (US$)  $91.7 billion (1998 est.)
GDP per capita  $26,300
Real growth rate 1.3% (1998 est.)
Inflation 0.5% (1998 est.).
Arable land 2%. 
Agriculture rubber, copra, fruit, vegetables, poultry. 
Labor force 1.856 million (1997 est.): financial and business services, 33.5%; manufacturing, 25.6%; commerce, 22.9%; construction, 6.6%, other 11.4% (1994). 
Unemployment 5% (1999 est.).
Industries electronics, financial services, oil drilling equipment, petroleum refining, rubber processing and rubber products, processed food and beverages, ship repair, entrepot trade, biotechnology.
Exports $128 billion (1998 est.): computer equipment, rubber and rubber products, petroleum products, telecommunications equipment.
Imports $133.9 billion (1997 est.): aircraft, petroleum, chemicals, foodstuffs.
Major trading partners Malaysia, U.S., Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea.





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